Бельгия / Belgium

Belgium's Olympic debut came in 1900 and they have attended every Olympic Games since London 1908.

The city of Antwerp hosted the Games in 1920, when fencer Victor BOIN became the first to take the Olympic Oath. The Games proved successful for Belgian athletes, who won 14 gold medals, including eight in archery.

At 54 years old, Hubert van INNIS won four archery gold medals at these Games. He remains the most successful Belgian Olympian with six in total.

The last time the Olympic Games were held in London, in 1948, marathon runner Etienne GAILLY provided one of the most poignant moments. He led into the stadium but was caught by two other runners and had to settle for bronze.

Belgium won the team cycling road race at the 1948 Games (held in Windsor Great Park). They have won six gold medals in the sport but none since Roger ILEGEMS won the points race at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games.

Axel MERCKX, son of the legendary Eddy MERCKX, took the bronze medal in the road race at the Athens 2004 Games. His father was ineligible to compete at the Olympic Games for most of his career but placed 12th in his only Olympic appearance in 1964.

At Athens 2004, Justine HENIN won the women's singles in tennis.

In Beijing 2008, Tia HELLEBAUT won the women's high jump.

The IOC has twice been led by Belgians. Count Henri BAILLET LATOUR was president from 1925–1942 and Count Jacques ROGGE became IOC president in 2001. ROGGE represented Belgium in sailing at three successive Olympic Games from 1968–76.

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